Monday, June 6, 2016

Good Bye Michelle

            On behalf of everyone who's Life has become a much better place for having Michelle de Oliveira in it. We would like to thank her so much for the amazing job she has done as the PTA president. The time and effort she has put into her work shows and will forever be appreciated. Unfortunately, it is time now to wish Michelle de Oliveira the very best in her new endeavors.
             Her last recommendation was to elect me, Becky Gibson to pick up and continue her efforts and become the next PTA president. I am both humbled and an honored (and yes, nervous) to do so. Again, thank you so much Michelle de Oliveira and also thank you to all those in the PTA, the teachers and everyone else that has also volunteered their time and resources.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Annual Membership Meeting

Hello Parkview Elementary PTA,

Thank you for everyone who contributed this year. We had an awesome start with our fundraiser this year. We met our goal and I am happy to say we will be having the end of the school carnival. We have had several successful events and help from our parents to help our school. We will need to have our annual membership meeting to close out our finances. We will also need to hold a special vote for a President Elect. and vice president to fill our vacancies. If you fill like you would like to help in this capacity please let me know so I can put your name on a ballot. If you know someone who would be great for this position forward their information to me so I can reach out to them to ask if they would like to do this. This meeting is scheduled for May per our PTA bylaws. We need to work on a time and day that would work for most everyone. I need to have at least 10 people present in order to have a meeting. 

I am open to work on anything on the week of May 9-13 in the morning 8ish?. But this is just an idea. Please let me know what day/time would work best for everyone.  

Please send a response by 4/14/2016 so we can schedule this meeting and gather all responses. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reflections Deadline extension

GOOD NEWS!!!! We are extending the dead line for the Reflections art competition to November 13. We hope this will allow more students to participate in the fun experience. We look forward to all of your student’s beautiful pieces that will be displayed at the Glendale Library Branch during judging.

Fundraiser Volunteer Sign-up


Our PTA Fundraiser is coming up. I need to get a small army of volunteers to make this fundraiser work. Every Tuesday and Thursday the student’s order forms will need to be picked up from each class room and brought to my house for sorting and packaging.  Picking up the orders should not take more than 20 mins in the morning. I need 1 volunteer for every Tuesday and Thursday morning of the fundraiser to pick up forms and bring them to my house. I will then need to have each order sorted and filled. I am asking for 4 volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays early-afternoon to come to my house to sort and fill each order. If we can get 4 volunteers I am hoping we can get it done in 1-2 hours. I will then need 1 volunteer to deliver each filled order back to the class rooms before school gets out. This should not take more than 20 mins as well. I am officially ending the fundraiser on the 19. But unofficially I will pick up any extra orders on Friday 19. So I will be asking for volunteers to help with sorting/packaging orders Friday morning before early release. Please fill in your name/phone number on the days you would be able to help. 

This sign up sheet is available online and will work better there since everyone can see what days are filled and what days are not. Use the link below to sign up online:

But if you don't want to use the online version I will try to keep this list as up to date as possible

Thank you

Pick up oder forms

Friday, October 2, 2015

Art Competition

The PTA is excited about the art competition we are holding at the school this year. This art competition is an excellent opportunity for our students to show off their creative talents in painting, drawing, photography, music, sculpting, etc. The deadline for this competition is coming up soon. So those interested, need to have their entries submitted by October 15th to their classes. The student’s art will then be displayed at our local Glendale branch library for judging over fall break. We will have various awards for the top categories for Pre-k - 2nd grade, and then the 3rd grade through 5th grade age groups. We would like to give a big thank you to the wonder staff at the Glendale Library. They have offered to have a gallery night with refreshments on the opening night. We would like to have a people’s choice award that we can vote on during our gallery night. The art will be displayed through the remainder of the weekend at the library. After the judging the top art entries in each category will be sent on to complete at regional in December. The PTA would like to thank the students that have already started to submitted their wonderful work and would like to encourage others to join in on this fun and exciting activity. Remember that the theme for this competition is “Let Your Imagination Fly.” Each entry needs to include a 100 word maximum explanation of how their art reflects the theme. To help with this part try asking “what does ‘Let your imagination fly’ mean to you?” and remember to have fun with your expressions and creativity. The PTA is looking for volunteers who can help in sorting and organizing the entries, displaying the art at the library, or even with the judging. If you feel like you could help in any of these areas or in any other capacity please contact the PTA on the entry on the right of the website.
Remember PTA is here to help work together as a partnership with our teachers to improve the lives of our children

Friday, September 18, 2015

PTA Procedures and Post Event Evaluation Worksheet

Name of Committee: Yahoo-Boohoo Breakfast
Committee Chairman: Michelle de Oliveira
Committee Members: None

Date held: August 25.2015
Location: auditorium 

—Invited all parents of the kindergarten for breakfast. We served bagels and cream cheese with juice. We purchased 4 boxes of Einstein Bagels. and 3 gallons of Juice 1 gallon of Chocolate Milk. We conducted a community cafe activity with the starting question: “When in your life were you supported and how did it make you feel” then moved on to “What would it look like if the school was supported” progressed into: “What are the obstacles that are in the way of this happening” Solution: “what can we do to get over these obstacles” 

—-No other volunteers used. It would be helpful to have 3 people for this event. 
One person to gather the parents from outside-bring them into the office to meet the front office staff and get checked-in. 
One person to greet the parents and get the name tags. 
One person to set-up and conduct the community cafe

$50 would be a good budget for this activity if we could go the night before and pick up left-over bagels from Einstein Bagels. $100,00 if no bagels are available.

Supplies: Sheets of paper from the supply room, markers, play dough, pipe cleaners, (stress relievers)  Left over play dough and markers. NOT sure how well the play dough will last.

The closest Einstein Bros Bagels that could donate bagels the night before the event:
1520 S. 1500 E., Salt Lake City UT

No meetings to plan event

Advertised: This event was poorly advertised. Booths were set up during school registration by was not manned the whole time due to confusion on registration dates. Listed on PTA website and Facebook, but no one  is currently liking PTA on Facebook. Maybe flyers could to be sent out with registration info to kindergartner parents. 

The community cafe was a great way to engage parents in conversation and made for a meaningful enjoyable time for all in attendance. 

We only had 5 parents attend. There was too many bagels and juice. We could cut back to maybe 2 boxes of bagels and 1 gallon of juice and 1 gallon of chocolate milk.